This is a selection of portraits I took mainly for magazine and publication assignments over the years, and especially for The British Journal of Photography, to accompany features I wrote about photographers and curators since 2013.
Daiske Yokota, Arles, 2018
Stephen Shore, Berlin, 2018
Alberto García-Alix, Barcelona, 2018
Tony Wilson, London, 2003
Michael Ackerman, Warsaw, 2014
Billy Childish, Chatham, 2005
JH Engström, Smedsby, 2014
Ute Mahler, Berlin, 2021
Michael Stipe, Berlin, 2019
Thomas Weski, Berlin, 2018
Natalia Portnoy, Berlin, 2015
Antoine D'Agata, Marseille, 2013
Antoine D'Agata, Marseille, 2013
Marta Syrwid, Torun, 2014
Miho Kajioka, Anafi, 2020
Francois Le Blond, Berlin, 2021
Thomas Hauser, Berlin, 2021
Boris Mikhailov, Berlin, 2018