For some time I had been intrigued by the view opposite from my apartment in down town Athens. On occasion I felt compelled to photograph through the windows towards the buildings that were forever changing according to the light that hit their surface. During the first lockdown in 2020, when anxieties were high, fuelled by uncertainties, I suddenly found time alone, in the confines of my apartment to photograph a multitude of possibilities within the limitations of my window perspective. The windows were a frame that captured the view and I photographed within that frame, isolating the details with my camera lens. One photograph everyday developed into a ritual meditation of observational studies of form, light, atmosphere and meaning. The situation pushed me to occasionally photograph inside, when a simple bar of soap developed a greater significance, at a time when cleaning hands was a requirement to limit the chances of being contaminated with the virus. Certainly during this period, the senses were heightened and eye sharpened to the immediacy of our reality.